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Upcoming Events

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Date Event Name
Oct 17 PTO Meeting More Info
Oct 18 Snack Cart - 10/18 Volunteer
Oct 19 Fall Parent Teacher Conferences More Info
Oct 19 Fall Conference Night Dinners - 10/19 Volunteer
Oct 25 Snack Cart - 10/25 Volunteer
Oct 26 K (M/Th) only Fall Harvest Party 10/27 More Info
Oct 27 Fall Harvest Parties- 10/27 More Info
Oct 30 Fall Book Fair Volunteer
Nov 1 Snack Cart- 11/01 Volunteer
Nov 8 Snack Cart - 11/8 Volunteer
Nov 15 Snack Cart - 11/15 Volunteer
Nov 22 No School in lieu of Conferences More Info
Nov 23 No School - Thanksgiving Break More Info
Nov 24 No School - Thanksgiving Break More Info
Nov 27 No School - Teacher Professional Development Day More Info
Nov 29 Snack Cart - 11/30 Volunteer
Dec 5 PTO Board Meeting More Info
Dec 6 Snack Cart-12/06 More Info
Dec 13 Snack Cart - 12/13 Volunteer
Dec 20 Snack Cart - 12/20 Volunteer
Dec 20 K (T/F) Holiday Parties More Info
Dec 21 K M/Th and Grades 1-5 Holiday Parties More Info
Dec 22 Winter Break - No school More Info
Jan 3 Snack Cart - 1/3 Volunteer
Jan 9 PTO Meeting More Info
Jan 10 Snack Cart - 1/10 Volunteer


Welcome Wyandot Run Families!

Mark Your Calendars for the Upcoming Dates 

  • Oct. 17th- WRPTO Meeting 6:30 p.m - 7:30 p.m
  • Oct. 17th- 5th Grade Musical 2:45 p.m and 7:00 p.m
  • Oct. 18th- Columbus Children's Theatre- Three Little Pigs
  • Oct. 19th- Parent Teacher Conferences from 5:00 p.m- 8:30 p.m
  • Oct. 20th- End of 1st Quarter

Website Registration

(Detailed information will be provided at Open House)

Important: If you are already registered from our previous site, your login information will work with this new website. If you are a NEW user, you will need to click "Register" in order to log in and access any directory and class list information beyond the main screen. You may register with your Facebook or an email address.  You will need the "secret" code to complete your registration. You can find this in your PTO materials provided at Open House or contact the webmaster Jenny McCutcheon at wresptowebmaster@gmail.com.

PTO Volunteers Needed

The PTO is ALWAYS looking for volunteers.  Give an hour, give a year, just give what you can- we will take it.  Each year we have many events that need a chairperson, co-chairs, committee members and volunteers. If you would like to get involved or have any questions, please contact Amy Becker or Heidi Jensen at wyandotrunptopres@gmail.com.

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Wyandot Run Tailgate Party!

 4:00 p.m- 6:00 p.m.

You can sign up under the Events & Volunteer tab at the top of this page.

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